Flyover at 6th Road sought

Rawalpindi: The citizens and traders of the city have demanded a flyover on the Sixth Road to ease the traffic load on the busiest Murree Road. The stop timing on the Sixth Road traffic signal is very long. It does not only waste their time, but also irks the citizens. The people said that

the flyover on the Murree Road at the point of Sixth Road has become imperative as there is a four-way traffic on the road and this very fact impedes the smooth flow of traffic due to which people, especially students, often get late from reaching schools. The traders have urged the Punjab chief minister to construct a flyover on the Sixth Road. The chief minister, it may be recalled, had promised to construct a flyover on the

road. The promise has yet not been fulfilled. They appreciated the fact that the Punjab government built a flyover at Chandni Chowk, which has helped resolved the traffic jam issue on one of the busiest junctures of the city to some extent. However, the traffic blockage at the Sixth Road

wastes precious time of the people. The people have asked the CM to launch the construction work of the flyover on the Sixth Road like he did on the Chandni Chowk at earliest to get rid of traffic jams on this important point of the city as most of the educational institutes and offices are located in the area. onlineSource:\08\06\story_6-8-2012_pg11_2