Land becomes a scam

Housing society scams fall into different categories including  those which begin advertising for members without acquiring a consolidated chunk of land; those which end up selling more plots than are available in reality and those which violate the CDA approved plans which ensure amenities such as green areas.

Violations in Sector E-11

Sector E-11 has been developed by the Multi-Professionals Housing Society and the National Police Foundation but both have violated the laws and rules governing private housing societies.

The National Police Foundation had its No Objection Certificate cancelled in 2008.

“Due to failure to comply with the conditions associated with the approval of Layout Plan” the NOC of the National Police Foundation was cancelled in 2008, says CDA’s website.

The Police Foundation, according to a CDA official, had violated the original master plan by selling amenity plots (which are allocated for green areas or educational purposes).

Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyThe NOC was issued to the CECHS in 2004. At that time the total area of the scheme was 373.09 acres which has now extended to over 500 acres. The expansion is a violation of CDA rules.

Second, a 2010 investigation further found that the management was guilty of selling off land reserved for schools, parks and other civic amenities.

In a third violation, plots were discovered to have been sold to more than one buyer.

The society had allotted far more plots than it had available. The CECHS is among the private housing societies the NOC of which was cancelled by the Capital Development Authority.— Imran Ali Teepu