TMA fails to get dangerous buildings vacated

RAWALPINDI: The Rawal Town Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) has failed to get vacated the buildings that have been declared dangerous.

Earlier, the residents of the dilapidated buildings had been directed to vacate their houses and shift to some safe places.

Around 300 buildings, particularly near the Nullah Lai, were declared “extremely dangerous” and “unsafe to be used for living” after a survey conducted in this regard by the TMA. The residents of these buildings had been issued final vacation notices to leave their places at the earliest.

It has been learnt that the buildings in various areas of Rawalpindi are in a dilapidated condition, posing life threats to the occupants.

The TMA had been issuing notices to the owners, but in vain.Earlier, The Rawal Town Municipal Administration had ordered a survey to know the actual number of dangerous residential and commercial buildings in its jurisdiction. These buildings have weak foundations and can collapse anytime, especially with the monsoon rains pouring in. app