Top hotel directed to go back to CDA to settle barricades issue

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Wednesday dismissed a plea filed by one of top hotels in the federal capital seeking nullification of a notice by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to remove all barricades from the adjacent road, pursuant to the court verdict.

Citing the verdict of the single bench of the IHC, the civic agency had issued notice to the hotel administration on July 6, to clear the road and parking area developed on the CDA land within seven days. However, in the petition, the hotel management had requested the court to strike down the CDA notice.

Turning down the hotel’s petition, the bench asked the petitioner to approach the CDA on the issue as the court has already issued its verdict on the subject matter, directing the civic authority to remove all barricades from roads within a week.

During the course of the hearing, Naeem Bokhari appeared as counsel for hotel and expressed grievances over the CDA order for removing all the concrete blockades on the Agha Khan Road. The petitioner pleaded the court to allow the security arrangements on the Agha Khan Road, approved by the CDA, a Senate committee, the Interior Ministry and inspector general of police to minimise damage from a terrorist attack.

Bokhari argued that the hotel is the only five-star hotel and restaurant that has been subjected to three terrorist attacks in the past. The security arrangements in respect of vehicles /traffic in front of the hotel were designed and approved to interdict/intercept any vehicle from driving at high speed from the Agha Khan Road into the service area of the hotel.

The speed barriers and the parallel dropping area were put into place only for the security of the guests and visitors and have proved to be extremely successful, he added. app