Intelligence reports say slums pose security risk to capital

Islamabad: Intelligence reports have revealed that security of the federal capital is at stake due to increasing population of at least 14 illegal katchi abadis, majority of whose inhabitants are involved in criminal activities. Intelligence agencies and Islamabad police’s Special Branch have submitted their reports to high officials regarding the potential security threat from these slums.

The intelligence agencies also pointed out that the security of the sensitive installations, including the PM’s Secretariat, is at stake due to slums in their surroundings. More than 70,000 people are residing in these slums, whereas eight out of 14 illegal katchi abadis hold legal status while the increasing population rate of these abadis has put a question mark on the credibility of the departments concerned.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) had been discussing the shifting of the katchi abadis. Anyhow, the district administration has passed the buck to the CDA, saying the CDA has failed to implement the ordinance issued by former president Musharraf regarding the shifting of the slums.

The CDA had set up Farish Town for he slum dwellers in the Musharraf regime. The Phase I of the town had been completed while the CDA stopped the construction of the Phase II as the allottees of the Phase I had sold out their plots and returned to the katchi abadis.

According to reliable statistics, eight katchi abadis, including French Colony, Paris Colony, 100 Quarters, 66 Quarters, Hansa Colony, Charles Colony, Saidpur Model Village and I9 Christine Colony were set up by the CDA and have legal status. Whereas, illegal katchi abadis, including G7, G8, F6, F7, I11, and Banni Gala were set up due to the negligence of the departments concerned. online