Contaminated water being continuously supplied in G11

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Nederlands: CDA-logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contaminated water being continuously supplied in G11

ISLAMABAD: The residents of G11 have lodged a strong protest against the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for provision of water, mixed with sewerage to the residential areas and demanded immediate measures for the restoration of clean water supply.

The residents said the area has also been facing acute water shortage for the last three months, and was getting polluted water which was leading to an increase in number of cases of jaundice, hepatitis and gastro diseases. The contaminated water was being supplied to all houses situated on the main double road in G11/2 and the majority of the residents had to rely on the expensive private water tankers to cater to their minimum daily water needs.

A CDA team dug out a few places to trace the fault but could not determine the exact location of mixing of sewerage in water supply line. The residents had no option but to stop usage of the CDA-supplied and said that despite several complaints and protest the CDA officials seem least bothered in resolving the issue.

A delegation of the residents also met a CDA member and director sewerage and director water supply and demanded a permanent solution. However, despite assurances from the authority, no action has yet been taken. Even the residents of houses located in the surroundings have complained of bad smell in the water. 

The residents have asked the CDA chairman to take immediate notice of the situation and take measures to resolve the problem, as negligence in this area was feared to cause a serious health problem. app