Capital lacks solid waste management system

IslamabadFederal capital is deprived of an organized system for disposal of garbage and management of solid waste.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) is negligent to the issue.

Plans of solid waste management are announced every now and then. They do not materialize in real though discussed only in documents and papers.

At times, CDA had announced to start work on landfill project in rural suburb of federal capital, Kori, against which the local residents protested because starting of the project would have polluted the underground reservoir of water.

As a result work on the project was not started.

CDA should have launched an alternate program for solid waste management but no such program has come on the scene as yet.

This is only one example of negligence of CDA about maintaining cleanliness in Islamabad.

In addition of absence of a proper system of solid waste management, disposal of garbage is another concern that haunts citizens of the federal capital.

The current wave of pre-monsoon rains has aggravated the problem manifolds leading to a possibility of spread of stink.—Online