CDA to auction 12 commercial plots in F-9, G-9

Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the auction of its 12 commercial plots in F-9 and G-9 Sector by extending the Blue Area for the construction of High rising building.

The approval was given in a meeting chaired by Chairman CDA, Farkhand Iqbal chaired a meeting in CDA. Owing to the objection on previous limited auction, the meeting decided to sale out the plots in public auction.

Meanwhile, brochures for the auctions were prepared and the auction is likely to be expected in next week while the covered area pf the plots has been extended aiming at to attract the investors.

The CDA would earn Rs five billion by selling these plots while the total area of the plots is 16000 Square feet. Continue reading

Rs28.32 billion budget for the financial year 2012-13, CDA


The cash-strapped and controversy-marred civic authority unveiled on Thursday its Rs28.32 billion budget for the financial year 2012-13, with a major chunk of the budget allocated for ongoing projects and a few new projects.

The total outlay is 18% higher than the outgoing year’s budget. The authority set an unrealistic revenue target of Rs29.56 billion, nearly 23% higher than last year’s. How the civic agency will generate the revenue remains to be a million-dollar question given the outgoing worst financial performance of the city managers. The agency could not meet its revenue target partly because of the over all financial crunch in the country, worst energy crisis and slump in real estate business.

Development budget

The civic agency has earmarked around 57% of the total budget for development projects, while it will spend 43% on non-development expenditures. The development budget is 13% higher than last year’s budget.

The CDA expects to generate Rs21.42 billion revenue through sale of residential and commercial plots, nearly Rs8 billion more than the previous year’s estimates. Given the lukewarm response of the real estate sector towards the CDA’s offer last year, how the authority attracts buyers this year and meets its target is yet to be seen.

The civic agency expects to collect Rs4.65 billion from property tax, water charges, toll tax, municipal receipts, interest on deposits and sanitary receipts.

Non-development budget

The non-development expenses make up 43% of the total outlay — Rs2.35 billion (26%) more than last year.

Justifying the increase, CDA Chairman Farkhand Iqbal, who presented the budget to the media at the Jinnah Convention Centre, attributed it to overall price-hike in addition to the raise in salaries and pensions announced by the government in the national budget. A sum of Rs5.14 billion has been earmarked for payments of salaries, allowances and pensions, including a 20% raise for CDA employees.

Iqbal said that the civic agency has neither imposed any new tax nor increased the existing ones. The CDA, he said, has signed an agreement with the Chinese government for completion of the long-delayed mega water project from Ghazi-Barotha Dam which will supply 200 million gallons to the city every day. However, there is no mention of this mega project in the budget document.

Besides, the chairman said that an affordable transport service will be introduced in the city with the support of the Chinese government for which an amount of Rs400 million has been allocated. Surprisingly, there was no mention of the CDA’s Park Enclave housing project. Continue reading

Paucity of funds hampers zero point interchange construction work

Islamabad: Owing to the paucity of funds in Capital Development Authority (CDA), last loop of zero point interchange has been left incomplete.

According to information, civil contractor stopped construction work of the last loop which connects Faisal Avenue with Kashmir Highway as the CDA failed to pay the outstanding dues of the contractor.

Sources said that construction work was near to finish as carpeting of the loop was left only while the carpeting of G-8-and H-8 link road was also not carried out by the contractor as the CDA yet to pay the outstanding amount of Rs 100.2 million of the civil contractor.

Following the dispute between the CDA and construction company , citizens are facing immense difficulties.

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Contaminated water being continuously supplied in G11

Nederlands: CDA-logo

Nederlands: CDA-logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Contaminated water being continuously supplied in G11

ISLAMABAD: The residents of G11 have lodged a strong protest against the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for provision of water, mixed with sewerage to the residential areas and demanded immediate measures for the restoration of clean water supply.

The residents said the area has also been facing acute water shortage for the last three months, and was getting polluted water which was leading to an increase in number of cases of jaundice, hepatitis and gastro diseases. The contaminated water was being supplied to all houses situated on the main double road in G11/2 and the majority of the residents had to rely on the expensive private water tankers to cater to their minimum daily water needs.

A CDA team dug out a few places to trace the fault but could not determine the exact location of mixing of sewerage in water supply line. The residents had no option but to stop usage of the CDA-supplied and said that despite several complaints and protest the CDA officials seem least bothered in resolving the issue.

A delegation of the residents also met a CDA member and director sewerage and director water supply and demanded a permanent solution. However, despite assurances from the authority, no action has yet been taken. Even the residents of houses located in the surroundings have complained of bad smell in the water.  Continue reading

Capital lacks solid waste management system

IslamabadFederal capital is deprived of an organized system for disposal of garbage and management of solid waste.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) is negligent to the issue.

Plans of solid waste management are announced every now and then. They do not materialize in real though discussed only in documents and papers.

At times, CDA had announced to start work on landfill project in rural suburb of federal capital, Kori, against which the local residents protested because starting of the project would have polluted the underground reservoir of water.

As a result work on the project was not started.

CDA should have launched an alternate program for solid waste management but no such program has come on the scene as yet.

This is only one example of negligence of CDA about maintaining cleanliness in Islamabad.

In addition of absence of a proper system of solid waste management, disposal of garbage is another concern that haunts citizens of the federal capital.

The current wave of pre-monsoon rains has aggravated the problem manifolds leading to a possibility of spread of stink.—Online Continue reading

CDA unveils Rs28.32 billion budget with hazy allocations

ISLAMABAD – The Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Thursday unveiled – the most equivocal and vague – Authority’s budget of Rs28.32 billion for the fiscal year 2012-13.

The poorly drafted budget document does not reflect any allocations for the ongoing projects. There are no allocations against the provision of portable water, development of Park Enclave, development of stalled sectors etc.

A hefty amount of Rs16.025 billion has been set aside for the development of the federal capital, but against what sort of development it would be utilized, the budget document is silent about it. It is also first time in the Authority’s history that 31 per cent (Rs4.5 billion) of the allocations made under the self-financing account would go for some “unforeseen works”.

The total outlay of budget for upcoming fiscal year is approximately 18 percent higher than the outgoing financial year 2011-12. The Authority will generate Rs26.072 billion through its own resources, that is, Rs21.423 billion through sale of residential and commercial plots and Rs4.648 billion through revenue department that includes property tax, water charges, toll tax, municipal receipts, interest on deposits, sanitary receipts and other municipal charges.

The federal government would provide Rs1.69 billion to the Authority under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Rs1.798 billion under maintenance grant. Continue reading

No exemption for Malik Riaz from appearing in SC

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday rejected real estate tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain’s plea to exempt him for appearing during the hearings of contempt of court case against him.

A three-member SC bench, headed by Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, conducted proceedings against Malik Riaz for allegedly ridiculing the judiciary.

Dr Abdul Basit, counsel for Malik Riaz, requested the court to exempt his client from appearing before the court because of his poor health. He added Malik Riaz should be allowed to get medical treatment abroad.

The court, however, rejected the plea and directed Malik Riaz to ensure his presence in all the subsequent hearings of contempt proceedings against him.

Dr Basit said that despite of poor health, the tycoon was present in the courtroom. Justice Shakirullah told the lawyer that the court has not put the name of Malik Riaz on Exit Control List (ECL) as requested by the petitioner.

Dr Basit also sought three weeks to study the case. He said contempt proceedings were being conducted against his client on the basis of the transcript of a “so-called press conference” and the said material was not available with him yet.

The lawyer contended that he also did not know as to who would prosecute his client in the instant contempt proceedings. The court told the counsel that a state counsel would prosecute his client in the instant case.

The court also told Dr Basit that transcript of the press conference and order of the court had been read out to the accused in the open court.

The counsel, however, sought minimum three weeks for the preparation of the case. He also demanded “ample security” for his client. But the court said the accused had already been granted sufficient time to engage a lawyer.

Ashraf Gujjar, the petitioner, said that the respondent was using delaying tactics. He added the accused was supposed to answer a simple question as to whether he had addressed a press conference and ridiculed the judiciary or not.

The court adjourned the hearing until July 4 and sought concise statement of Malik Riaz before the hearing on July 3.

Meanwhile, the court also summoned the record of the Arsalan Iftikhar suo motu case at the next hearing.

On June 14, the court had granted seven days to Malik Riaz for engaging a counsel in the case as he had told the court that he had contacted many senior lawyers but nobody was willing to defend him. Continue reading

Arsalan doubts NAB chief’s impartiality

ISLAMABAD – Doubting the impartiality of Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Arsalan Iftikhar has allegedly cautioned the bureau to halt the process of initiating inquiry against him on the application of property tycoon Malik Riaz and by doing so the Bureau would be overstepping its jurisdiction as well as violating the NAB Ordinance.

The counsel of Arsalan Iftikhar, Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan warned National Accountability Bureau to immediately halt the process as it is beyond its jurisdiction and by doing so they would not only be violating the NAB Ordinance governing its working but the department would also be violating the direction of the Supreme Court.

Also terming the direction of the Attorney General of Pakistan to NAB Chairman Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari to constitute a Joint Investigation Team, to probe this high profile case as illegal and malicious, the counsel of Arsalan Iftikhar warned the bureau not act against the law as it would be in sheer violation of the direction of the apex court passed in this connection.

The six page letter written by Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan, counsel of Arsalan Iftikhar, cited various Sections of NAB Ordinance 1999, wherein he tried to establish the direction of Attorney General of Pakistan to constitute a Joint Investigation team comprising officer of Islamabad Police, FIA and NAB to probe the controversy between Arsalan Iftikhar and property tycoon Malik Riaz, as having no legal authority and beyond the purview of NAB which could not take up such a task.

The counsel of Arsalan demanded of Chairman NAB to stop proceedings against his client as it was beyond the jurisdiction of the department and in case the process of constituting Joint Invesigation Team under NAB is not stopped forthwith Arsalan Iftikhar would reserve the right of moving the court against this illegal process.

Sources aware of the development taking place on this front informed The Nation that to make the process of investigation into Arsalan Iftikhar-Malik Riaz case more transparent, Fasih Bokhari has included banking and legal experts in the JIT besides the proposed Islamabad Police and FIA investigators.

It is pertinent to mention here that on the request of Chairman NAB Islamabad Police and FIA had already given the names of their officers who would join the JIT and a formal announcement of JIT would be announced in the next couple of days to initiate the probe in the light of the directions given by the apex court.

When the opinion of legal experts was sought on the whole affair, they said that the move on part of Arsalan Iftikhar would be just to halt the inquiry and the letter written to Chairman NAB would help them at some later stage if the findings of the JIT would come against him then they would have the option of moving the court against the findings of the JIT probe.

Arsalan doubts NAB chief’s impartiality


‘Mediagate’: Notices issued to Dunya TV, real-estate tycoon


The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notices to five people, including Malik Riaz and the Chief Executive of Dunya News Television Mian Amir.

The notices were issued in reaction to leaked footage of a talk show onDunya News of property tycoon Malik Riaz.

The petition was heard by a two-member bench of Justice Ejaz Afzal and Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed. The petition was filed by President Lawyers Writers Forum Liaqat Ali Qureshi. He cited Malik Riaz, Pemra chairman, Dunya News Television through its Chief Executive Mian Aamir, anchorpersons Mubashir Lucman and Mehr Bukhari as respondents.

The petitioner has urged the court to prosecute all the five respondents under the contempt of court law with a plea to take appropriate action against them in the interest of justice. Recently, in a full court meeting, the apex court had formed a two-judge committee to probe such issues. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain are the members of the committee.


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Video leak: SC issues notices to Riaz, chief executive Dunya News

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court issued notices on Thursday to five people, including business tycoon Malik Riaz and Chief Executive Dunya News Mian Aamir, over leaked off-air footages of a “planted show” aired on Dunya News on June 13.

Dunya News

Dunya News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A two-member bench, comprising Justice Ejaz Afzal and Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed, was hearing a petition filed by Lawyers Writers Forum President Liaqat Ali Qureshi. The petition held Riaz, Chairman PEMRA, Dunya News through its Chief Executive Mian Aamir and anchors Mubashir Lucman and Meher Bokhari as respondents.

The petitioner urged the court to prosecute all the five respondents under the Contempt of Court Law with a plea to take appropriate action against them in the interest of justice.

Earlier, in a full court meeting, the apex court had formed a two-judge committee to probe the issue. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain are the members of the committee.

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