Thank you Mubashir Luqman for exposing……..

In the same fashion which, I predicted in my last blog titled “ What Manjan Mubashir Luqman is now going to sell on Dunya News,” the tainted TV anchor has begun presenting lame excuses to justify his ridiculous interview of property tycoon Malik Riaz.

However, I proved to be wrong as far as my prediction that Mubashir would explain himself on Dunya News, is concerned. Luqman appeared in a video posted on You Tube only to find abusive comments coming from visitors on the internet.

Luqman challenged TV anchors to invite him to answer the questions, they has been raising about him following the embarrassing interview.

He boasted he could have answer all those silly questions if his hands were not tied. However, he didn’t answer whether Mian Amir Mehmood or Malik Riaz Thekaydar tied his hands.

Luqman further goes on and try to define a planted interview and contended that Malik Riaz’s interaction with him and Mahar Bukhari was not pre-planned as they both have been seen quarreling during the interview.

Mubashir Luqman should be praised for at least one thing for not being an anchor anymore unlike his co-host Mahar Bokhari, who is on with all her pompous.

He should also be thanked for a dramatic change in the policy of Dunya News to side with the government in every thin or thick.

Dunya News

Dunya News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I praised Mubashir Luqman the day when Dunya News went on saying “ Chief Justice Ka Aik or Tareekh Faisla” minutes after former prime minister was disqualified by the apex court.

Had Mubashir Luqman not conducted interview of Malik Riaz, Dunya News would have taken Rauf Kalasra and Arshad Sharif on telephone line and begun to fling mud on the learned judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for undermining democratic process.

We should be thankful to Luqman for forcing a leading TV channel to mend its ways and not become a part of conspiracy against justice system of the poor nation at the cost of his career.