CDA to allot plots to non-deserving officials

ISLAMABAD: List for the allotment of plots to the officers of Capital Development Authority has turned controversial due to criticism of 50 CDA officials.

The controversy has aroused due to the inclusion of certain officers in the list who do not deserve the plot at all.

The list has been finalized by connivance of Officers’ Association and certain officials of Human Resource Department of CDA.

An officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited has also been illegally included in the list of officers deemed to be allotted plots.

An official from National Assembly who now serves in CDA has been given a plot from the quota of deputation officers while some deserving officers have been totally ignored.

Certain officers of CDA have appealed to the Chairman CDA, Farkhand Iqbal to ask for applications from CDA servicemen for a second time for the allotment of plots and letter in this regard be circulated in all departments of CDA.

They demand to make the process fair and transparent by organizing a committee in the headship of member admin CDA to scrutinize the list of officers to be allotted plots.

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Rs1.44bn EOBI funds blocked for 7 years: AGP

DHA Parking

DHA Parking (Photo credit: Saad Saeed)

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan revealed that a total of Rs 1.44 billion funds of Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) have been blocked for last seven years and the institute faced loss of more than Rs 721 million during this period.

According to Audit Report 2011-12 on the Accounts of Public Sector Enterprises, a proposal was submitted in a meeting of EOBI Investment Committee held on March 2005 for acquiring 300-400 residential plots in DHA Islamabad for the employees. It was planned to float entitlement rights for plots in Phase-II Extension. It was also submitted that the price was yet to be fixed; however, DHA had offered the approximate price ranging between Rs 3.5 million to Rs 3.6 million for a 500 square yards residential plot.

The report says that the DHA administration had indicated that if EOBI was interested in acquiring plots, it should indicate its requirements within 10 days. The Committee decided to acquire 400 plots of 500 square yards at an approximate rate of Rs 3.5 million to 3.6 million.

Audit maintained that the investment of Rs 1.44 billion for 400 plots was made in haste without any feasibility study. The per unit price of Rs 3.6 million at a flat rate for all the 400 plots was agreed by the management without any negotiations and without ascertaining locations of the plots. Any marketing plan for the subsequent disposal of such a huge number of plots was also not prepared. Resultantly, the total funds of Rs 1.44 billion have been blocked due to this imprudent investment. Had the management invested Rs 1.44 billion in Special Saving Certificates in March 2005, EOBI could have earned Rs 721 million up to March 2010. Continue reading

SC directs Riaz to appear for hearings

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has rejected property tycoon Malik Riaz’s plea to be exempt from being in court during proceedings of the contempt of court case. The apex court has directed Riaz be present for all subsequent hearings.

A three member bench comprising Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Tariq Parvez and Justice Amir Hani Muslim resumed hearing of the contempt of court case against Riaz.

The real estate magnate has engaged senior advocate Dr Abdul Basit for the case and the court granted Riaz’s counsel time to study the case and submit a reply by July 2.

The apex court has summoned the record of the Arsalan Iftikhar suo moto case to its next hearing which will take place on July 4. Continue reading

Thank you Mubashir Luqman for exposing……..

In the same fashion which, I predicted in my last blog titled “ What Manjan Mubashir Luqman is now going to sell on Dunya News,” the tainted TV anchor has begun presenting lame excuses to justify his ridiculous interview of property tycoon Malik Riaz.

However, I proved to be wrong as far as my prediction that Mubashir would explain himself on Dunya News, is concerned. Luqman appeared in a video posted on You Tube only to find abusive comments coming from visitors on the internet.

Luqman challenged TV anchors to invite him to answer the questions, they has been raising about him following the embarrassing interview.

He boasted he could have answer all those silly questions if his hands were not tied. However, he didn’t answer whether Mian Amir Mehmood or Malik Riaz Thekaydar tied his hands.

Luqman further goes on and try to define a planted interview and contended that Malik Riaz’s interaction with him and Mahar Bukhari was not pre-planned as they both have been seen quarreling during the interview.

Mubashir Luqman should be praised for at least one thing for not being an anchor anymore unlike his co-host Mahar Bokhari, who is on with all her pompous.

He should also be thanked for a dramatic change in the policy of Dunya News to side with the government in every thin or thick. Continue reading

Contempt case: SC gives six days to Malik Riaz’s lawyer for preparation

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday gave six days to Dr Basit, the counsel of property tycoon Malik Riaz, and adjourned the hearing of case the in contempt of court case till July 4.

A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by Justice Shakirullah Jan hearing a contempt case against Riaz said that they give respect to those who respect to the court, adding that they had not put Mali Riaz’s name in Exit Control List (ECL) even the petitions were filed in the apex court.

During the hearing, Dr Basit said that he was appointed counsel of Malik Riaz on Wednesday there he should be provided three weeks to prepare the case. He added that he didn’t knew that who was prosecutor in the case.

The bench remarked that they had already given two weeks to Riaz in the case, adding that the case could be prepared in one day.

The bench also rejected Dr Basit’s plea to bring Arsalan Ifitkhar case’s record. However, the court gave 6-day time to Dr Basit to prepare the case. Continue reading

Supreme Court rejects Malik Riaz’ plea to leave for abroad

SC rejects Malik Riaz’ plea to exempt him from appearing in court and allow leaving for abroad.

A three-member bench headed by Justice Shakirullah Jan heard the contempt case against business tycoon Malik Riaz.

During the case proceeding, advocate Abdul Basit said his client Malik Riaz was attending all proceedings despite being not well. Therefore, court should allow him to leave for abroad for medical treatment.

Rejecting the plea, Justice Shakirullah Jan said court did not add Riaz’ name in exit control list (ECL) despite objections, adding that all cases subjecting to the press conference will be heard in time.

The bench rejected Abdul Basit’s request to summon Arsalan Iftikhar’s record, saying that the current case has no connection with Arsalan graft case.

Meanwhile, Malik Riaz’ counsel requested the court to extend the deadline for submission of reply to three weeks on which the bench replied they had already given extra time and later directed him to submit the reply by July 3.

The bench also directed Malik Riaz to appear before the court in person and adjourned the hearing till July 4.

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Contempt of court: SC directs Riaz to stay in Pakistan, appear for hearings

ISLAMABAD: Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz, along with his lawyer senior advocate Dr Abdul Basit, appeared before the Supreme Court on Thursday for the hearing of a contempt case against him, Express News reported.


The court took notice of the June 12 news conference during which Riaz hurled serious allegations against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and his son Arsalan Iftikhar.


Dr Basit prayed before the three-member bench, headed by Jusice Shakirullah Jan, that Riaz, due to his health conditions, could not appear in the court for the hearing and that he should be allowed to go out of the country for medical treatment.


The petitioner, Arshad Gujjar, who had filed an application in the court to place Riaz on Exit Control List (ECL), argued that if he is allowed to move out of the country, chances are that he would not come back.


The judicial bench declined Dr Basit’s request and directed Riaz to appear before the court for the hearing of his case.


Dr Basit was told that if he wanted, he could also present evidence related to the Arsalan Iftikhar case.


A suo motu notice was taken against Dr Iftikhar and Riaz, following media reports that Iftikhar had received between Rs300 and Rs400 million from Riaz to influence judicial proceedings.


The hearing was adjourned till July 4, 2012. Continue reading

SC adjourns Malik Riaz contempt case till July 4

ISLAMABAD: While rejecting Business tycoon Malik Riaz’s plea for exempting him from being present in the court, the Supreme Court (SC) has adjourned the proceedings of contempt of court case against him (Malik) till July 04.

The real estate magnate has engaged senior advocate Dr Abdul Basit to contest his contempt of court case in the Supreme Court.

The three-member bench comprising Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Tariq Parvez and Justice Amir Hani Muslim resumed hearing of the contempt case against Malik Riaz here on Thursday.

During the course of hearing, his lawyer requested the court to give him some time to study the case as he accepted the case a day ago.

He further added that my client, despite of ill health, has always been present in the court, so he should be exempted from being present in the court, however the court rejected his client plea.

Justice Shakirullah said that even after the requests of petitioners Riaz’s name was not included in the Exit Control List (ECL).

Riaz’s counsel also said that he should be aware of who the prosecutor is, however, Justice Shakirullah said that the appointment of the prosecutor remains at state’s discretion. Continue reading

Malik Riaz finds a lawyer who was show caused by Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: After a search of two weeks, Malik Riaz, the property tycoon, has been able to find a lawyer to contest his contempt of court case initiated by the Supreme Court against him, but the lawyer himself was show caused in 2010 by the apex court for professional misconduct.

Dr A Basit, Senior Advocate Supreme Court, has been engaged by Malik Riaz, but the lawyer, so far, has not been shared any documents, so he is not prepared yet.While talking to The News, Dr Basit confirmed that he has been engaged by the property tycoon in the contempt of court case but has neither been shared any evidence nor he has prepared for the case but would appear before the apex court for Malik Riaz on Thursday.

Dr Basit is known as an outspoken lawyer and has already appeared in the PCO judges’ contempt case. The counsel is also defending NRO beneficiaries such as Ahmad Riaz Sheikh and Adnan A Khawaja.

On June 21, Malik Riaz had stated in the court that he could not arrange any lawyer to represent him in the case and, therefore, requested the court to grant him 10 days to engage a lawyer. He said that due to the resolutions passed by Rawalpindi and Islamabad district bar associations, no one was willing to represent him in the case.

The lawyer, Dr Basit’s doctorate degree had been disowned by Yale Law School of United States of America, the university from where the counsel claims to have passed the degree. Not only this, Dr Basit came to the limelight when, while appearing on behalf of the federation in 18th amendment cases, first objected on the constitution of the bench hearing the cases and later started changing his stances first passing on the buck to President Asif Ali Zardari then to his Secretary General Salman Farooqi and finally settling on Babar Awan for giving instructions to him regarding the objections. Continue reading