Telephones of CDA control room out of order

Islamabad—All seven telephones of control room of Capital Development Authority (CDA) have gone out of order due to the negligence of authority that may enhance the risk of loss in capital at time of emergency, CDA official told Intime.

All seven telephone sets of CDA Fire Brigade Control Room are not functioning as it has to be for more then six months. When the emergency calls are received distortion in the telephone lines interrupted the communication that irks callers and receivers, he said.

Receivers complained several times to the section concerned but not action yet been taken to clear the lines indicate authority’s negligence. Section concerned is constantly reporting the matter to the higher authority for over six months but despite of the gravity of situation, authority is not paying attention to resolve the problem.

“If some thing would go wrong at time of emergency, rescue team and control room would responsible” he said.Another member of rescue team told that the control room, submit this matter in register of daily report but senior official are not taking any steps in this matter. He said that controlroom of CDA receive hundreds of calls daily, it can be dangerous, if telephones sets would not be changed.— Intime