Shujaat rules out conspiracy against SC

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (Q) President Senator Ch. Shujaat Hussain has dispelled the impression that the PPP-led coalition government was involved in any conspiracy against superior judiciary.

“Since Malik Riaz has produced evidence against a person, it would be unjust to term this as a government conspiracy. If any matter of the government was in the Supreme Court, this cannot be linked with the government,” said the PML-Q chief while talking to media here.

He said that the dispute was between two individuals (Malik Riaz and Dr Arsalan). But, he added, some elements were trying to give an impression that there was something going on between Malik Riaz and the judiciary.

“Some people are continuously launching a one-sided propaganda to create an impression that there is confrontation between the state institutions instead of individuals,” he said.

Calling for the need to amicably resolving the dispute between Dr Arsalan and Malik Riaz, Shujaat said it was necessary that a commission be set up at the earliest to decide the matter once and for all.

“Nobody can even think that this matter is against the Supreme Court or harming the sanctity of the country’s apex court,” he said and asked the media to leave the government and the Supreme Court to decide the matter.

He said a commission should be set up immediately to conduct an “open inquiry” into Dr Arsalan’s scandal. Shujaat Hussain said the commission should conduct its proceedings in open court and there should be no ban for anyone to report or hear the proceedings of the commission. (APP)