NAB asks DCO to take over possession of Qasr-e-Zauq property

Lahore - The National Accountability Bureau has exercised its powers in the Qasr-e-Zauq case.

The NAB has appointed the Lahore DCO as the ‘receiver’ with directions to take over the possession of the property owned by Qasr-e-Zauq, situated in Gulburg, to secure public interest. The NAB chairman also directed the DCO to fulfill all legal formalities with the required actions, including the preparation of an inventory of all the items in possession of the present owners or their authorised representatives; to ensure proper maintenance of all accounts of income derived from the property; to remit the revenue generated in the name of the NAB chairman with proper bank receipts and record and submission of weekly progress report for the reconciliation of income and expenditure derived from the property.

The chairman also directed the DCO to furnish the compliance report by tomorrow (Friday). The NAB has also filed a reference against Sheikh Muhammad Ayub and Mohsin Ayub which is pending before the accountability court. The accused people had cheated the public and embezzled a huge amount belonging to the general public. It is worth mentioning here that the subject property was frozen by the Accountability Court on the request of the NAB on April 15, 2008. The accused were asked to pay the whole liability of around Rs 600 million by June 15, 2012 otherwise all the accused will be arrested and prosecuted under the law.

Govt taking steps to resolve
energy crises: Advisor to the Prime Minister and People’s Youth Punjab President Mian Ayub on Thursday said the government was taking steps to resolve the energy crisis.

In a press statement, he said the energy crisis was an inherited issue for the present government but it would be successfully resolved soon. He said that demand of electricity was increasing by 10 percent every year, adding that had the previous rulers launched any power generation projects, there would have been no such energy deficit. He alleged that the Punjab had become a centre of problems and that PML-N was using energy issue as a tool to score political points against PPP.

Govt taking steps for improvement of common man’s life: Bangash: Member of Pakistan People’s Party Federal Council Zia Ullah Khan Bangash on Thursday said the PPP-led democratic government was taking every possible step to improve the living standard of common man as envisioned by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Talking to the labour workers at the People’s Labour Bureau (PLB) office, he said the current democratic government inherited several problems which it had accepted as a challenge, and now it was on its way to resolve them. He said the government had removed the sense of uncertainty in the country and initiated the reconciliation policy instead of confrontation. “The NFC award is a great achievement of this government which has improved harmony among the provinces,” he added.

He urged the nation to support the government in the present political conditions as some conspirators were trying to weaken the democratic system in the country.