Malik Riaz says Arsalan swindled Rs340m

ISLAMABAD: Malik Riaz statement submitted to the Supreme Court said that Rs 342,501,254 were spent on Dr Arsalan Iftikhar‘s three foreign tours, our sources reported.

The statement added that Dr Arsalan claimed that he could settle the cases fought in his father’s court in favour of Bahria Town but that not happened.

A two-member bench is hearing the Arsalan suo moto case.

Real estate tycoon, arrived at the SC building today to appear before the court for the first time since the matter flared up earlier this month.Documents presented as witness in the SC showed that Dr Arsalan’s first visit in 2010 cost Rs8, 860,579. Rs2,284,829 for tickets and tours to Monte Carlo and Rs6,575,750 for car and flat rental fees and shopping.

Second tour that took place in 2011 cost Rs692,949 on account of hotel expenses. All the visits were made to London.

Another tour in 2010 cost Rs5,947,726. Rs3,433,136 were spent on cash, vehicle lease and hotel while Rs2,514,590 were paid for apartment rented.

Rs327,000,000 were also paid to him on various accounts in the form of cash, the statement said.

In his affidavit, Riaz reiterated that he was being “blackmailed” by Arsalan and was forced into going public. He declined any involvement of any political party or the Army in the entire case.

Malik Riaz also challenged the suo moto notice taken by the chief justice. ‘That the Suo Moto action taken by the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan is not legal. No question of enforcement of any fundamental rights has arisen.’

‘That constitution of Bench is always an administrative action and the formation of a new bench was essential after the quittal of Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan from a bench of 3 Honorable Judges, thereafter, the same matter cannot be heard and disposed off by a Bench consisting less than 3 Honorable Judges.’

About how the contacts between Dr Arsalan and his family developed, Malik Riaz said: “That Ahmed Khalil is a friend of Dr Arsalan. Salman Ahmed Khan, my son-in-law is also a friend of Ahmed Khalil, who introduced Dr Arsalan Iftikhar with Salman Ahmed and from there relations between the two developed”.

The real estate magnate also blamed the CJ‘s son for blackmailing his son-in-law and extorting money.