Improvement of Murree Road urged

RAWALPINDI: Residents of the twin cities have decried the apathy of the Punjab Highway Department (PHD) for neglecting the improvement of Murree Road– the main artery that

English: One of the famous roads in Rawalpindi...

English: One of the famous roads in Rawalpindi, the Murree Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

connects the two cities.

The road, whose various sections are looked after by several agencies, has become a classic example of passing the buck to the other. Lane markings, which were carried out at a cost of millions of rupees, have vanished. Potholes have also emerged on the road, particularly near the city’s only median U-turn near Shamsabad.

Commuters have demanded more such U-turns to ease the flow of traffic.With monsoon season around the corner, motorists fear the number of potholes will increase and create more problems for road users. They also criticised the CDA for neglecting Faizabad Interchange loops, particularly the one from Murree Road to IJ Principal Road.

Commuters, however, praised the removal of humps ahead of the I-8 traffic signal which, they said, would improve the flow of traffic.

Adnan Ahmed, who regularly uses Murree Road, urged the authorities concerned to carry out repair work on the road around Shamsabad Mosque.

Residents of the area told APP that while the Punjab government has undertaken various projects to resolve traffic problem in the city, they expect authorities to carry out timely repair of Murree Road to save it from further destruction during the upcoming rainy season. app\05\31\story_31-5-2012_pg11_5