Urbanisation of towns pledged

Staff Report

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad Chairman Faisal Sakhi Butt has promised the provision of basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity and gas to the areas of Tarnol, San Gjani and Noon “at the earliest”. He was talking to the notables from these areas on Friday.

Islamabad- View from the Plane

Islamabad- View from the Plane (Photo credit: Don Donny)

Butt said the Government would bring the above-mentioned rural areas of Islamabad at par with the municipal areas, adding that the Prime Minister has issued directions for allocating special funds for the purpose.

“These areas were neglected during the previous governments but now these issues will be resolved on priority. The Task Force would take up the matter with the concerned quarters, including the ICT, for a prompt action.”

During the meeting the large numbers of notable from these areas were present. Faisal Butt said that those elected from this constituency in the past have totally ignored the people after the election. He said that he would first solve problems of the people, as the development of the area is his priority not the votes.

Mr. Butt said the concerned organisations “must involve the locals for envisaging and executing development projects in their areas”.

The chairman of the PM’s Task Force said that the “affectees of Islamabad had given many scarifies in the making of the Federal Capital. One such sacrifice was giving up of their land. Now it is the responsibility of the government to solve their problems on priority”.

Source: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2012\05\19\story_19-5-2012_pg11_1