Parking plaza at F-11 demanded

ISLAMABAD  – Lack of parking plaza in F-11 Markaz has added to the dejection of citizens and traders.

The CDA built parking site but has closed it now due to which traffic jams have become daily routine, said a group of traders. “No one comes to this market and our business stands totally disrupted due to non-availability of parking space”, said Abrar Khan, a trader.“There is no safe place here in the market to park my car”, a commuter Ahmad Jan said. “We cannot visit the market as no parking space is allocated and we cannot leave our vehicles at the mercy of car lifters,” said Imran Abbasi, a customer. Other visitor Mohsin Ali said that absence of proper places causing inconvenience for the motorists and pedestrians.

Traffic remains jammed the all-daylong due to non-availability of parking plaza. So, commuters, visitors and traders demanded CDA to construct a parking plaza with the capacity to accommodate 200 vehicles so that the consumers and traders feel their vehicle very much safe.