CDA seeks bidders for more plots

Map of Islamabad

Map of Islamabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority has, once again, sought expression of interest from interested parties/firms for the auction of six commercial plots including ex-Margalla Towers plot on pre-qualification basis.

Six commercial plots include three plots against which the bids were rejected by the CDA Board recently taking grounds it was lower than the CDA’s reserved price, while bidders have refused to bid against three other commercial plots for high bench mark fixed by the Authority against them.

Plot No. 11-A (CDA Old Enquiry Office) in Markaz F-10 measuring 1000 square yards, plot no. 1 (ex-Margalla Towers plot) in Markaz F-10 measuring 11750 square yards, plot no. 8-B in G-6/3 measuring 2500 square yards, plot no. 56-D in F-6/G-6 Blue Area measuring 4888 square yards, plot no. 1 in F-8/G-8 measuring 2666.67 square yards and plot no. 2 F-8/G-8 Blue Area measuring 2666.67 would be offered for bidding amongst the pre-qualified firms/parties.

The last date for submission of expression of interest documents is May 16, while bidding will be held by the end of month May.

Earlier, the CDA Board on April 7 has rejected the highest bid of Rs261000 per square yard it has received against plot no 56-D, while bids (Rs251000 per square yards) against plot no.1 and plot no. 2 in F-8/G-8 each were also rejected by the board.

The only bid (Rs135000 per square yard) that was accepted by the Board was against plot no. 14-A measuring 1.59 acres in Diplomatic Enclave. While the bidders have boycotted the bidding process where three of the aforementioned plots including ex-Margalla Towers plot, plot no. 11-A in Markaz F-10 and plot no 8-B in G-6/3 were offered by the CDA on April 5.

Bidders who have successfully pre-qualified for bidding of aforementioned plots would be able to take part in upcoming bidding process without applying afresh.

Earlier in the month of March, 23 firms have submitted documents of Expression of Interest (EoI) with the CDA against these plots. While after scrutiny CDA had rejected the documents of some five firms. The ex-Margalla Towers plot would be presented for auction with its leftover structure on as-is-where-is basis.