CM inaugurates country’s longest Muslim Town flyover


PUNJAB Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has inaugurated 3-lane Muslim Town Flyover which is the longest flyover constructed throughout the country so far.

According to a handout issued on Sunday, this project has been completed in a record period of 176 days at a cost of Rs 2 billion on the important trade way Ferozepur Road located in the heart of the provincial metropolis.
As many as 427,000 vehicles will pass over a 2.6km long Muslim Town Flyover daily. There will be a saving of Rs.2.6 billion fuel due to smooth flow of traffic and this bridge will recoup its construction cost only within a year. Addressing the inaugural function, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that provision of comfortable and rapid public transport facilities to the poor and middle class was mission of his life. He said that a bus rapid transit system of international standard was being introduced in the province for the facility of the people who were forced to travel by old buses and vans. He said that when the costly cars of the elite passed near the poor passengers waiting on bus stops for hours, they thought whether they would ever get such travelling facilities. He said that now most modern air-conditioned buses to be run under a bus rapid transit system and the rich people would be surprised to see that poor people were travelling in these buses comfortably and honourably. He said that the development work on this important public welfare project was continuing round the clock and in the next phase the work on bus rapid project was also being started from Shahdara for which tenders would soon be opened. He disclosed that a 4-km long overhead bridge would also be constructed from Qartaba Chowk to Civil Secretariat under this project. He said the bus rapid transit system was 10 times cheaper than the underground transport system and the project would be completed this year. He said that due to the misdeeds of corrupt and inefficient rulers of Islamabad, the country had plunged into darkness. Shahbaz Sharif said the Punjab government had converted the graveyards of corruption into minarets of development through commitment, hard work and honesty. He said the Transparency International having international repute of ensuring transparency all over the world had given the certificate to Punjab government regarding complete transparency in laptop project. “On it, a head of liars leveled an allegation that Shahbaz Sharif had invited the representatives of Transparency International to a dinner,” the chief minister said. He disclosed that the representatives of Transparency International have met him many times for performance of their professional duties during the last four years as keeping a watchful eye for maintaining transparency in Punjab province is their responsibility. He made it clear that like ‘Ali Baba 40 thieves,’ he did not believe in secret meetings but believed in open meetings as his hands were clean. Shahbaz Sharif reiterated that if needed, he would meet the representatives of Transparency International many times for improving the living standard of the people and prosperity of the province and he did not care for any negative criticism in this regard.