Lawrence City Colony residents protest against eviction notices

RAWALPINDI: Residents of Lawrence Line Colony protested against issuance of eviction notices and removal of electricity and gas connections from their houses. “We settled here before the Partition and have obtained gas and electricity connections at our own expense, but now are being forced to evacuate from our houses”, said Bashiran Bibi, a housewife. “I am a widow and I have no son to look after me. I have two young daughters, who have reached marriageable ages.

I have been asked to vacate the quarter. Where will i take my two daughters and myself. I am left with no other option but to commit suicide,” said Manzooran Mai, a widow. Another resident of the area, Ajmal Masih, said “I am a vendor and earn livelihood for my family by selling the groceries on my hand driven cart.

I will not be able to provide food to my family if we are evicted.” Many residents said they were ready to vacate the quarters if government provides them alternative residences, otherwise they will be forced to commit collective suicide at Saddar Chowk. online