Newly constructed roads dug for waterlines

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RAWALPINDI – Due to the lack of coordination among the institutions, the newly constructed roads of the city are being dug up to lay waterlines.

According to details, recently constructed Rashid Minhas Road, Benazir Road, Tippu Road and Jhanda Chichi Road have been dug to lay down new waterlines which trouble the citizens besides damaging the road constructed on government funds.  Jhanda Chichi Road was completed at the cost of Rs 119 million almost a year back and it is being dug out. Later, water pipes would be spread from Rashid Minhas Road to Mareer Chowk on Benazir Road, and then the road would be dug out from Mareer Chowk to Rialto Chowk to lay water lines at Tippu Road.

The sources said that water lines would also be stretched to Scheme-2 from Rialto Chowk. Officials concerned said that pipes ranging from 12 to 24 inches diameter would be laid on various roads including Rashid Minhas Road which was constructed four months ago at the cost of Rs 110 million while Benazir Road has recently repaired at the cost of Rs 90 million.

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer Cantonment Board, Rawalpindi, Rana Manzoor Ahmad Khan said the waterlines were being spread under Khanpur Dam Phase-3. He said that lack of communication among the institutions has caused breaking of the recently constructed roads for the waterlines. However, commissioner Rawalpindi was informed four months back about the project, he maintained.

On the other hand, Director General, Rawalpindi Development Authority, Chaudhry Naseer Ahmad said RDA had not so far issued NOC for spreading the water pipes on the said roads.