CDG, LDA held responsible for factory collapse

Chauburji (The Four Minarets), Lahore, Pakistan.

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LAHORE – An inquiry committee, formed by Mian Shahbaz Sharif on the factory collapse incident, submitted its report to the CM, declaring the City District Government and Lahore Development Authority responsible for the incident.

The members of inquiry committee Maj. ® Mubashar Ullah and Najam Saeed submitted their findings to the CM after completing the investigations. The report revealed that the construction of this medicine factory was illegal. Sources in the Punjab government said in this regard that the incident occurred due to negligence of the CDGL and LDA officials, who failed to notice the unlawful construction of a factory in residential area. The committee reported that timely action could have prevented the losses of life and property if the concerned authorities had taken legal action against the owners of the factory. It further reported that the house belonging to Rana Amjad, adjacent to the factory, was completely destroyed as result of collapse of factory building.Rana Amjad had already complained to CDG, LDA and other departments regarding the illegal construction of this factory and submitted applications to a local court but no action was taken against the factory owners. He had also pointed out in his applications and complaints that the factory had installed a boiler, which was being run by some untrained workers and it might result in any incident any time.