Commissioner for proper planning of uplift schemes

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HYDERABAD, Nov 19: Taking notice of ill-planned uplift schemes, the Divisional Commissioner of Hyderabad advised the concerned departments to make long-term planning of projects and suitable designs for sustainable development.

Recalling problems faced by the public in the past because of sub-standard and below-the-mark infrastructure, Divisional Commissioner Ahmed Bux Narejo reminded the stakeholders like offici

als, firms and consultants involved in the execution of development projects to accomplish their projects in time and with- out compromising on quality. He was presiding over a meeting in his office on Saturday.The height of manholes, he said, should be raised to the level of roads keeping in mind the last monsoon experience when rainwater from Qasimabad and Latifabad became difficult to drain out because of the sewerage lines running under broken roads.

He said a permanent solution to drainage problem can only be achieved by laying separate sewerage line in each area which should be connected to main lines of drainage and called for undertaking a survey in the GOR, Latifabad Unit 2 & 3, besides other areas for ascertaining the pumping capacity of machines installed there.

The commissioner expressing dissatisfaction at the drainage network of housing schemes, especially in suburbs, directed the concerned officers to monitor such projects and should not allow any builder to initiate work without the approval of design.


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