CDA moves summary for release of Rs100m to start repair work

Islamabad: At last, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken the responsibility of dilapidated Burma Bridge on Nullah Korang on Khanna Road and moved a summary worth Rs100 million to the Ministry of Finance for starting repair work on it.

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On July 27, ‘The News’ drew the attention of the capital administration towards the poor condition of Burma Bridge, which was established on Nullah Korang on Khanna Road way back in 1950. At that time, it was on the verge of collapse, as it had bent down right in the middle and could have fallen down anytime and the situation has not changed even today.

Talking to ‘The News’ on Tuesday, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Director Roads and Maintenance (R&M) Ali Akbar Qurban said that not only the Burma Bridge was collapsing, but it was also seriously affecting nearby Korang Bridge, which was also collapsing from different points.

“I have sent a summary worth Rs100million to the Ministry of Finance for starting repair work on Burma Bridge,” he said. He added: “Keeping in view the future needs, we want to start repair work on the nearby Korang Bridge as well as it is continuously sinking.” “The CDA will need more funds, if higher authorities allow it to start repair work on Korang Bridge as well,” he said.

He said that as soon as the Ministry of Finance releases funds, they would launch repair work on both bridges. “I have planned to build Burma Bridge on modern lines, “ he claimed.

Soon after the matter was reported in the media, the capital administration sealed Burma Bridge for all kinds of traffic. However now pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists have started using the bridge freely. They have even removed barriers from both sides of the bridge. The locals, particularly children, could be seen freely moving under the dilapidated bridge. Not a single official of the Islamabad administration could be seen on duty to stop people from moving on the bridge. The majority of motorists use other side of Khanna Road, but during rush hours some motorists in order to avoid traffic jam use Burma Bridge.

When ‘The News’ contacted Deputy Commissioner (Islamabad) Amir Ahmed Ali, he admitted the fact saying that he would take immediate action to stop all kinds of movement on Burma Bridge from both sides. He said: “I will deploy officials to stop people’s movement on the bridge. The locals should also cooperate with us and stop using this bridge for their safety.”


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