Chandni Chowk Flyover project and its traffic woes

Chandni Chowk Local

Image by mctrent via Flickr

On the construction site of the 1.2-billion-rupee Chandni Chowk Flyover project, work is in full swing – clouds of dust and cement engulf the excavators digging up roads, the workers engaged in demolition, and the engineers and steel-fixers assembling the huge pillars that will support the flyover.

Lending to the chaos and din is the haphazard traffic which the wardens try to control while frantically waving their hands. Continue reading

NA body out to retrieve railway land

RAWALPINDI, Nov 4: Pakistan Railways` (PR) 155 acres in Rawalpindi division have been encroached by government departments including Joint Staff headquarters, private housing societies and Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

This was stated by a railway official during a meeting of National Assembly`s Standing Committee on Railways sub committee here on Friday at Rawalpindi railway divisional offices. The meeting was chaired by sub-committee convener MNA Ramesh Lal. The other members of the committee were MNAs Dr Talat Mahesar, Dr Ayub Sheikh and Pir Mohammad Aslam Bodla.
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