Various development works have been completed in the ‘Hawkesbay Scheme 42’ area

KARACHI – Various development works have been completed in the ‘Hawkesbay Scheme 42’ area, said Lyari Development Authority (LDA) Director General (DG) Agha Maqsood Abbas said on Sunday. The project is the biggest residential scheme in Asia built near the coastal belt in the western part of the port city. Talking to a delegation of the area’s allottees, he said that various development works of the scheme have been completed due to an excellent plan and concerted efforts. “The Hawkesbay Scheme 42 has been divided into three zones to

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accelerate the development work as well as to ensure quality work,” he said. “Services of a famous company have also been hired for this purpose.”

He said that a pipeline of 33-inch diameter has been installed directly from Hub Dam to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the area. “A 113-km long road network has been completed and 65-km drainage and 239-km sewerage lines have also been laid in there. Besides, electric poles have also been installed to ensure power supply.” The LDA DG said that efforts are also being made to speed up the construction of family parks and development of, greenbelts, jogging tracks and plantation. “A large number of allottees are approaching to take possession of their plots.”

The Hawkesbay Scheme 42 was launched in 2008. The balloting ceremony of 9,000 plots in Hawkesbay Scheme 42 was held in 2008.

The city government had received a scant response to the scheme as there was a perception that the prices are too high for such an underdeveloped area and that their money could get stuck for a long time. The prices that were issued were much higher than what people expected – Rs 600,000 for a 240-yard plot and Rs 1.2 million for a 400-yard plot, especially considering that fact that there was not even a sewerage system in place at that time. However during the electronic balloting performed by former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf, 5,000 240-sq yard plots and 4,000 400-sq yard plots in the scheme were sold.


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