Public sector development report launched


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Islamabad—The Planning Commission of Pakistan (PCP) has launched its Public Sector Development Projects Report highlighting the completion of 167 development projects costing Rs.95, 294.12 million.

According to Planning Commission sources, the commission was charged with delivering growth through planning and projects’ implementation.

“Through nine plans and several `visions’ and other well researched documents, the Planning Commission has tried to work this mandate” the sources said.

What endured in the Planning mechanism have been the “Public Sector Development Plan” and the “projects” it funds”, they remarked.Highlighting the implementation data of projects, they said that 37development schemes in infrastructure sector worth Rs.76576.43 million have been completed 40 projects in social sector costing Rs.4865.23 million and90 projects worth Rs.13852.45 million.

“To understand public service delivery and growth in the country, we need to understand “projects”, their implementation and finally their delivery to the people of Pakistan”, said Dr. Nadeem Ul Haq, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of Pakistan while addressing senior officials of the commission.

The official sources said that the implementation and execution of the PSDP funded projects had brought relief to the general public at large and contributed to the national economy.

However, it may not be enough in the backdrop of rapidly growing population and consequent increased demand for provision of social services and infrastructure facilities, they remarked.

Realizing this, they said that the government endeavoured to ensure provision of basic facilities to a major portion of population and further plans to extend these to all the provinces/regions of the country through fiscal decentralization and resources transfer as per NFC award, they remarked.

The sources said that in order to disseminate pertinent information to the stakeholders in the national development process, the Planning Commission has complied information on the PSDP projects completed during financial year 2009-10.

Three volumes, containing information on these completed projects have been prepared by the Projects Wing of the Planning Commission.

“The project life cycle comprises five stages which include a)Identification and preparation b) Appraisal and Approval c) Execution d)Completion and e) Evaluation.”, they remarked.

They said that the Planning Commission was responsible for the appraisal and approval of projects and for third party monitoring and evaluation of the PSDP projects.

Ministries, the main stakeholders, are required to take corrective measures during execution and completion of project, they remarked.

The use of public resources must be used to benefit the people of country.


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