Bahria Icon Tower Karachi, Karachi – By Bahria Town

Going through the list of upcoming projects in karachi which is the mega city of Pakistan , another mixed use commercial project by Bahria town is in the pipeline and it is  Bahria IconBahria Icon Tower karachi tower. The project was initiated in 2008 after the approval of  KBCA and the excavation ,creation of haul routes and foundation works have been undertaken. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

here are some of the initial proposed renders of the tower which later got discarded . But i like to share it  .The website and the billboard at the construction site shows different renders.

It offers not only an unprecedented scale but also revolutionary design, challenging everything you’ve come to expect from a building. The iconic building symbolizes modernity and engineering prowess. The uniquely designed Bahria Icon promises to become the most visible landmark on Karachi’s rapidly developing skyline. Standing tall as a mixed use high rise development on a prime location in Karachi; it will change the way we build, live, shop and do business.
A historical landmark in the making, Bahria Icon will stand tall as a vanguard of futuristic hi-rise developments in the country. Fusing visionary aesthetics with functionality, it will be an icon indeed. Offering beautiful panoramic views, the iconic structure with its revolutionary design symbolizes modernity and boasts of exclusive engineering prowess.

With an exterior façade clad in titanium finish panels and glass, the design has been carefully evolved into the region’s most technologically advanced structure. It will be an intelligent building that hopes to generate at least some component of its energy through micro wind turbines and its water heating requirements through solar panels.

In addition to its enviable setting, the Icon’s location ensures it is accessible and visible from all key centers of the city. With over a million square feet of covered area symbolizing the apogee of lifestyle distinction, the Icon development offers enough scope to create a landmark of unique proportions and visual excitement. Project Attraction: Location and mixed used building (commercial, residential) Project Type: High rise mixed use building Project Status: To be launched soon.

The Bahria Town Icon Tower  is a multi use commercial building project. It will be constructed on a 1.45 hectares (3.58 acres) area plot located in Clifton,Karachi. to get to the proposed site is through Shahra-e-Iraq, Clifton road, 26th street, Khayaban-e-Sadi, Khayaban-e-Ghalib andKhayaban-e-Sahil. The structure has been designed as a skyscraper comprising of 7 basement parking floors, split upper and lower ground floors and 59 office tower floors  .Although its a sky scraper the planned structure is confined within the KBCA( karachibuilding control Authority) bye laws with Floor area (FAR) of 1:5.5


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