CDA launches drive to ake capital litter-free

Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad before renovation.

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ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority has issued notices to 1,280 persons for throwing litter on roads and streets of the Federal Capital as part of its ongoing drive to make the city litter-free.

“We have also issued tickets to around 150 persons for violating CDA bylaws since launch of drive in May that have criminalized littering of roads and streets,” said a senior CDA official.

He said the notices were meant to warn violators and if they recommited the same offence, it would be converted into a ticket (challan). 

The challan is sent to the court of magistrate who after hearing imposes fine of certain limit on the vilators keeping in view the gravity of the offence.

The official said the Directorate of Sanitation had carried out the anti-littering drive in sectors G-6, G-9 and I-10 so far.

Under the drive, he said entire sub-sectors were cleansed by CDA men manually or through machines.

He said the CDA had set up special camps where pamphlets were distributed among the people to make them aware of the campaign launched about two months ago.

He said over 200 sanitation staff were taking part in the drive and the garbage after collection was dumped at the dumping site through garbage compact vehicles and dumpers. It is one of the appreciating step of authority towards beautification and cleanliness of capital. staff report

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