American businessmen in Pakistan to attract investment

ISLAMABAD: a group of real estate and business professionals is currently visiting Pakistan with an aim to attract investment in the American real estate sector.

National Monument of Pakistan in Islamabad.

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According to press release issued here on Tuesday, talking to business community of twin cities at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Capital Office, President of the Richmond, Virginia based Group Ruby Sabir, and Vice President Michael Ryan said that they plan to help disadvantaged with the help of a foreign NGO.

The group has also planned to establish an orphanage and a community center in Rawalpindi where underprivileged girls and women would be provided education, food, shelter and employment. Chairman Media FPCCI Malik Sohail Hussian, President Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Samina Fazil, and others were also present on the occasion. Ruby said that women would be provided necessary training to make a decent living. Local women get Rs 100-200 for embroidery while the same product fetches up to 200-300 dollars in the US, she said adding that we will provide them direct access to the buyers, she said.

Michael Ryan said that we would help Pakistanis locate UC commercial real estate investment services. he said that property is at historically low prices in the US and a proper decision can help investors get benefits.

He informed that Green Cards and Visas could be obtained through investing in real estate in few weeks time. At the occasion Malik Sohail and Samina Fazil welcomed the move to support the least privileged and assured the delegation of full support and liaison with chambers, associations and investors.

Road next to a park in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Malik Sohail said that national trade leaders Tariq Sayeed, Iftikhar Ali Malik and Senator Haji Ghulam Ali are very supportive of the initiatives to support the social class lowest in the social hierarchy.

He said that FPCCI is there to facilitate all foreign investors and those who seek investment of locals in profitable ventures abroad. Demanding facilities for elderly, he said that helping women through nano finance is something neglected by those who can bring a change, said Malik Sohail.

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  2. World would be such a great place if all countries did business with each other freely. all these fights, wars … no one benefits. the only people benefit are governments and the only people who loose are the common public. I pray god to make our country safe and sound for everyone.

  3. We need to improve the image of Pakistan so that more and more overseas investment is attracted to our country. Not only in Real Estate but in all sectors so that the country starts concentrating more on business and economy. More employment can be created and so prosperity.

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